The Last sight of the fall

Winter is almost here (in Ireland that means more rain and wind) and we’ll be getting into Christmas mood and here I would like to close the autumn with this last piece of work…





Every day I search forĀ  new ideas and new things I haven’t known about photography and editing. Then when I have some free time I really would want to try it out… Most of the time I have no model, so I either don’t do it or persuadeĀ  myself to do a selfie… I found some paints in a drawer that I used for some idea a long time ago and then just started messing around with it… Here is one of the results :D




The Fall Season

The person who doesn’t like to be photographed. Hence I need to let go and do her own things and try my best…

Well, I don’t like to be photographed either… Maybe she got the gen from me? No pressure on her at all as I don’t want her to hate seeing me with camera :D


Misty Autumn

Getting into autumn mode and celebrating with the colours of nature…


Guardians – Sentenced

the last piece of the Guardians series, although there is an idea for another one… hmmm, hard to say goodbye to those guys…


Guardians – Captured

Another piece from the series… Inspired by the event from the past… supported by Halloween spirits :D



The Boat

I do prefer photographing people but sometimes I think I need a break from it and focus more on surroundings, and relax…




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