Blurred by the rain

The Portrait

Sometimes when the plans don’t go the way we wanted to, it’s the best time to improvise and create something seen from different point of view…




Do you have that feeling when you work on something you smile and have this positive overwhelming feeling about something? Well I get it sometimes when I work on some particular photographs, and this time it was this one… You might wonder why this one? Well, I guess this happen when I work on something I haven’t got before :D

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do…



The Guardians – Too Late

The Rebel

The weather didn’t let us to go out and do some work at the location, and instead we stayed in and worked with what we got… Cramped in a small room with loads of laughter accompanied by classics of Gun’s and Roses…. Using the window light to its best we could…



Capturing the mother nature


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